Ghostbusters from Beeline Interactive is a simulation / action game where you control the Ghostbusters characters. The objective of the game is to build your HQ and you do this by researching and well, busting those ghosts. While it is not the first game to be based on the movie franchise, it is one of the best.

During the game you control the Ghostbusters as they go on their missions, with a map allowing you to select the next objective or go back to HQ. The Ghostbusters need to have energy to venture forth into those missions and this of course, requires regeneration.

You can control up to four Ghostbusters by pressing and dragging where they have to be and try to capture the ghost. This is not as easy as it seems, and you also have to remember that each Ghostbuster has specific abilities.

Part of the challenge in the game involves studying these traits and learning to use them properly. All the characters have stats that you need to keep track of. Even the ghosts have a health indicator and you need to bring it zero and then capture it. The mechanics of the game are pretty easy to understand and pick up, but the game becomes more difficult in the higher levels.

Ghostbusters, just like other free to play games, has IAPs that you have to pay for, but you can play the game without it. The IAPs are only for those who want to go through the levels and get cash quickly. You can actually disable the IAPs in the game.

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