Syd R Duke is a music student that cites in his Facebook page that he “supports music piracy and strongly believes that music is to be shared.” A man of poetry; the artist has even taken to quoting a famous line from Jack Kerouac, My Witness is The Empty Sky, as the title for his first debut record.

Composed of eight songs, the album echoes with an acoustic folk feel along with a lovely mix of instruments. It’s the type of record you might want to listen to on a quiet night cuddling with your favorite book or simply taking in the moment.

Lovely record to check out. Give it a try.

My Witness is The Empty Sky is a beautiful compilation of dreamy, acoustic folk. There’s an ethereal feel to the songs in the compilation that make you want to float away.

One of the most captivating tracks in the record is, Apollo. It reminds me of Medieval times for some reason. There’s that feeling of sorrow, pain and and at the same time, satisfaction and resignation surrounding the cut. The instrument work is simple and the vocals are quite understated but it’s nevertheless, endearing.

Another lovely cut to check out is, Watch The Thunder Melting. This one is a personal favorite. It’s one of those songs that stick after just a listen or two. The song is relaxing and makes you feel as if your watching rain gently falling on your window pane. It’s a beautiful, quiet song that’s perfect if you want something to calm you down after a hectic day.

<a href=”″ _mce_href=”″>My Witness Is The Empty Sky (2010) by Syd R Duke</a>

Syd R Duke is definitely one artist worth checking. If you adore simple acoustic folk with an occasional whimsical gypsy touch, then this is one compilation that should be playing in your player.

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