Secret Passages: Hidden Objects is a mystery adventure game, the objective being to find hidden objects. There are many games and books like it, but game publisher Pocket Gems has made it more complex and interesting as it boasts of a solid storyline, plus the game mechanics are very good as well.

The goal in Secret Passages: Hidden Objects is of course, find various objects concealed in pictures scattered throughout the game. However, there are many other additions included in the game that add a rich layer of complexity. Basically your character moves around map, exploring different areas. After you select a specific place, Secret Passages: Hidden Objects will show pictures depicting the interior area.

Every picture has anywhere from 2 to 6 items that you have to identify and tap. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, as the game offers a number of challenges along the way. Before you can jump in and tap those images, a great of exploration has to be done.

Secret Passages: Hidden Objects also has several resources that you have to collect such as shovels, gems, gold coins and more. Those gold coins are very important since they replenish your energy. Going to a new location will also cost coins, so you need to get as many as you can.

This is really one of the things that set Secret Passages: Hidden Objects apart from others, as you won’t just be spending your time tapping pictures. You also have to find those coins and gems, so you don’t lose interest.

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