Despicable Me: Minion Rush is an endless runner game from developer Gameloft, and while licensed runners are all over the iOS and Android, Minion Rush keeps things fresh by incorporating elements from the hit movie. Unlike other runner games that will have you playing solo, a lot of the missions here will require cooperation with your friends, adding a nice twist.

You play as one of the minions, trying your best to be the top of employee of the year, and you basically do this by running around and causing havoc, and since it uses the three-lane system, you’ll have no trouble getting used to it. You can swipe in four directions to slide, jump or go to the next track.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush uses bananas for one of its currencies, and they’re found throughout the game, and you’ll also find a lot of power ups. The key to Minion Rush is to increase your multiplier, and this is done, naturally, by doing despicable acts. Despicable acts include running over other minions, but you also earn bonuses by grabbing power ups and wrecking stuff.

Your multiplier at the start of the game depends on the number of missions you can finish. At any time you can play three from Gru’s daughters, Dr. Nefario or Gru. The real fun here is the fact that many missions require friends, be it challenging them to high scores, recruiting them, challenging them and so on. The game isn’t just fun, but the graphics are really cool and colors are bursting everywhere, and there’s a lot of variety here.

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