Let Liza Ellen take you on a trip back to the early 2000s.

The Dallas-based songstress, who labels her music stylishly as ‘neo soul’, is out to bring the lucrative R&B genre back to the way it used to be — smooth and chill. One spin on her latest EP, Everything’s Okay, and this budding talent is one to be compared to acts like Jill Scott and even Erykah Badu.

‘Knock’ yourself out on the opening track, “Head Knockin’“, whose slow and steady beats and early Alicia Keys-esque vocal work immediately impresses. It’s likely to induce one (like me) into that much-needed state of trance one gets when listening to some really good music.

Things get even slower in “Everything’s Okay“, an ambient jam that’s even more neurotic and sexy. However, Liza counters this at the last minute with “Surrender“, an acoustic affair that’s ready for those chill-out, stripped-down sessions at the nearest bar.

We’re purely in awe.

liza 2

We’re lining up our ears in place for this.

Track listing:

1. Head Knockin’
2. Everything’s Okay
3. Surrender

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