Pokki is more than just a replacement for the Start menu in Windows, as it provides you with a new and simpler way to access your favorite applications. With this program you get several one click app launchers and mobile notifications for apps, tweets and email. And you can get more, much more.

The file is less than 1 MB so downloading is quick. However, Pokki’s interface is not just a simple Start menu replacement as it’s designed to be a complete replacement for Windows 8’s Start Screen. With Pokki’s menu you get instant access and links to your documents, music, computer, your pictures and the Windows Control Panel. There’s also an All Apps submenu where Windows 8 apps can be found. You can access all of these features via touch or a pointing device. Pokki also has a Favorites group where you can pin and unpin up to sixteen applications, and these can show up as thumbnail icons.

About a third of Pokki’s interface is reserved for the notifications, and here you will get alerts for tweets and incoming mail. There’s even a search bar and it works even better than Windows 7’s own search. You also get a link at the bottom to the Pokki store where you can download popular applications.

Pokki is a well designed replacement for Windows Start Menu, and for Windows 8 users, there’s a boot to desktop option. If you choose that, the next time Win 8 starts it will go to the desktop view and not the Start Display.

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