As the name suggests, Blanket Truth‘s second full-lenght and final album Urban Wildlife is a jungle of lo-fi indie pop.

Hailing from Seattle, the band is the brainchild of Jon Manning and Eli Damm. In this 11-track collection, the duo collaborated with several guest vocals and musicians using a variety of instruments such as ukelele, banjo, xylophone, and singing saw, to name a few.

With Watercolor Paintings, Pangea, James Rabbit, and Shelby Sifers as musical influences, this album will surely give you a rich slice of folk heaven.

Opening track Urban Wildlife approaches with a hooking rhythm and banjo play-up that oozes much fun and energy.

Following with a slower tone, Red Hat is the ideal backdrop while chilling on the beach. Manning’s carefree delivery gives steady vibe to the track.

Adding a bit more instruments to their musical foundation, Clumsy features lo-fi strings and bass guitar. The subtle piano arrangement clashes perfectly with the rapid beats that envelope the song.

Sealing up the album with heavy beat boxing and saccharine folk arrangement is Hide Yourself. The variety of instruments and speed incorporated in this song gives a lot of texture and flavor.

In Urban Wildlife, the band has fully maximized its vocal and musical talent. Blanket Truth has successfully produced an album that they will be remembered for.

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