Honey Larochelle is a “Vancouver born, Texas raised, Florida reformed, Brooklyn saved, Denmark adopted, Croatian loved” R’n’B diva with a sweet yet powerful vocals that will surely keep you listening… till the very end.

Clean Lust and Dirty Laundry is the first official release from the artist; its magical, lovely, and certainly deserves a download. So tune in, power up your speakers, and take this baby on a little spin!

Are you still reading? Good, because it means that this lovely treat is most likely already on your playlist. So all you need to do now is to prepare for a little adventure-filled musical tour across the topics of “love, sex, dance, intimacy, and honesty”; all dressed in the refreshing melting-pot of soul, hip-hop, reggae, electro-pop beats and some power vocals ready to take over your days to come.

Flight of the Honey Bee, the second track on the album, comes full of sweet soulful melodies intertwined with the beautifully crafted lyrics and vocals, which at certain places take me back in time when TLC was invading all of the radio stations around. Gimme a Minute, on the other hand comes with a more modern, at times electronically infused, sound and highly addicting chorus that just might get stuck in your head for a while.
But if a more upbeat rhythms are your thing than, Hold You For Life, might just make everything right. This wonderful track is filled with reggae infused vocals and beats; something to accompany those sun drenched days where all you want is to let your hair down and dance on the beach.

Sugar Daddy, another one of the definite favorites, might start off more relaxed but this is only a short calm before the powerful storm of deep vocals and dynamic choruses reminiscent of the classic hip hop bands like En Vogue.
So if you live in the far corners of the world and will not have the opportunity to travel and see Honey in full blown action, this is your chance to take those wonderful, seductive sounds with you, all for free (so remember to spread the word).

Honey’s fascination with sound started all the way back in high school, when she joined her first cover band. Years passed and something that started off as a fun activity quickly turned into a full blown love-affair. To date Honey has been performing alongside artists such as Joss Stone, Roberta Flack, The Brand New Heavies, and Macy Grey who said: “Honey is a pure artist. Her voice drips of love and sex. Her words are magic”.

But alongside creating her own unique sounds and taking part in some amazing performances around the world, Honey has been working with several high profile artists (such as Jennifer Hudson), on anything from writing songs to arranging vocals.

“Whether she rocks feathers, lace, fishnets, gowns, or is just chillin’ in her jeans, Honey is always noticed when she walks in a room. Some say it’s her inner light that shines bright. Others say it’s her undeniable sex appeal. Either way, her presence is felt.  And now her voice can be heard.”

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