DuckTales Scrooge’s Loot is an online treasure hunting game from Disney that brings the DuckTales franchise back to life. Aside from single player mode, there’s multiplayer, and you can choose from several heroic character classes, customize them and there are multiple arenas you can play in as well.

Duck Tales

The game begins with a letter from Scrooge McDuck writing to his nephews when he realizes that some bad guys are trying to steal his money. After that cut scene, the game begins where you will get characters that you can customize. The gameplay has two teams with four members going against each other, and the goal is to get the gold, get to their vehicle and unload the treasure. It’s a very exciting game, and the large levels give it an expansive scope.

Single player mode is fun, but multiplayer is even more so as you can challenge your friends. Once you complete the mission you will be awarded currency that you can use to buy power ups and customize your character. With DuckTales: Scrooge’s Loot you can equip your characters with new weapons and equipment and they can be upgraded. The graphics are pretty good and the sound is also smooth. The animation, especially the cut scenes, are very smooth.

DuckTales Scrooge’s Loot is a good example when a developer takes a well loved franchise and combines it with a popular genre. Fans of DuckTales will definitely find familiar elements but there are also new features here that gamers will love. The exciting gameplay, which combines adventure and shoot ‘em up, is a lot of fun and is going to win over a lot of fans.

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