Add a zing to your lazy day with Polite Fiction’s latest EP, Portrait. Dance your heart out in this collection’s distinct flavor of rock and alternative pop.

Hailing from San Jose, California, Polite Fiction is a one-man band that aims to create funky indie pop beats that will make you get up of your seat and dance. Released last March 2013, his first EP, Portrait, took almost a year to come together, but every minute was worth the wait as each of the tracks in this collection is fun, accessible, and injects just the right amount of energy to make you smile or bob your head.

The beat drops in Arrow, which is adorned with cutting-edge guitars and crisp vocals. The song comes with a chock-full of energy that pumps out in every direction. One notable thing about the piece is its radio-polished production, which contributes to the listener’s delightful listening experience.

Carry On (We’ll Be Here When You Get Back) comes from the same alternative rock mold as that of the previous track. Though they came from the same shell, this track finds its own signature in short, self-penned lines that are delivered organically with the rapid beats. These two, vocals and arrangement, works equally together to create a balanced and spotlight-worthy piece.

A personal favorite, Suzerainty brings the ‘pop’ back in pop. Listen as the quirkiness of each line absorbs you into a wonderland of upbeat, dance-inducing rhythms. One standout feature of the track is the rasp yet clean vocals that sustains its distinct mark throughout the piece.

Portrait EP is worth the download as each second in this album is golden. This, by far, is one of the most outstanding album that came up in a long time. Polite Fiction‘s devotion in mapping out good upbeat sound has paved its way to the center stage.

Track List:
1. Arrow
2. Carry On (We’ll Be Here When You Get Back)
3. Perspective
4. Come a Little Closer
5. Suzerainty
6. Quiet, Quiet (B-side)

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