We have just been invited to a kickin’ jamming session at the ‘lake street dive’!

Lake Street Drive, a quartet formed in Boston, is an underrated gem of a band that’s waiting be elevated to greater heights, even though they’ve been around in a decade now.


To further that, the group is sending all of us a free, four-track sampler of choice cuts from Lake Street DiveFun Machine, and Live At The Lizard Lounge — a bunch of folk-driven pop comparable to the styles of Adele, Norah Jones, and Amy Winehouse.

Let the guitar strums of “Clear A Space” get your blood pumping, along with its chill drum beats and husky vocal stylings of vocalist Rachael Price, as the mood switches quickly to the slow-paced “Neighbor Song.

The party goes full blast with “You Go Down Smooth,” evoking a young Joss Stone via a spunky 60’s harmony that’s (modern) movie soundtrack-ready vibe as much as its nostalgia-inducing.

If you need a good groove, this EP’s for you.

Track listing:
1. Clear A Space
2. Neighbor Song
3. You Go Down Smooth
4. Be Cool

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