Gear up for this fall with some lovely, experimental pieces from Kohaku Rivver. In Faithful and Virtuous Night, the Ohio-based artist lets us free our mind and sink deep into our cores by mixing poems and music.

This Morning As welcomes our ears with sounds of birds chirping on the background, which sets the imagery of the song/poem. A male voice enters, nonchalantly delivering poetic lines that paint a quiet, scenic landscape while soft cooing ambient sounds blend seamlessly with acoustic strings.

Everything Turns Orange utilizes everyday conversation from people and incorporating them into an atmosphere of folk ambient melodies. An echoing, ethereal voice churn out moving lines such as, “I’m shiver cold, but you say/ love will keep us warm/ as every pale thing turns orange/ in the light of the morning.”

For the First Time seeps into our skin with whispering vocals that tell a story of love and pain. Layers of two lovers having an argument are interspersed within the song, painting a solid imagery using sounds and verses.

Faithful and Virtuous Night features melodies that feed our heart and soul. Every track and poem let us remember how it feels to love, let go, and forget through poignant lyricism that sounds like a dream.

Track List:
1. This Morning As
2. Everything Turns Orange
3. You are With Me
4. Again
5. For the First Time
6. Since You Left
7. Where Have They All Gone
8. You Ask
9. As I Hold You
10. I Can Only Whisper
11. Your Sweet Name
12. Nothing Can Hurt Us
13. But the Memory of Death

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