It’s a ‘simple carnival’ ride with the 70’s radio sensibilities of the Aliens EP.

The Simple Carnival is the pop brainchild by Pittsburgh-based musician Jeff Boller, who solely plays all the instruments in this EP; ‘Aliens’ is a sampler of his 2008 album, “Girls Aliens Food”.

The collection starts off pretty simple in the acapella “Nothing Will Ever Be As Good”, which Boller has intently put first in the track list for us to appreciate his genius vocal work, before those instruments come a-bangin’.

The music picks up pace with the summery “You Jump First”, where he then channels his inner Hall & Oates, and very well continues to the hypnotic drum beats of “Hey Lancaster”. These don’t sound like cheap rehashes though, but simply as fitting tributes to one of the iconic bands of the yesteryears.

Sombre anthem “Effortlessly”, on the other hand, lies sandwiched between the two aforementioned tracks, slowing down the momentum with its tinges of heartbreak.

Overall, ‘Aliens’ is a musical spaceship ride to a time forgotten – an era of pure pop perfection.

Track listing:
1. Nothing Will Ever Be As Good
2. You Jump First
3. Effortlessly
4. Hey Lancaster

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