Define raw and passionate and Alma Sanchez is first in your list. Her keen insights into human nature, radical social movement, and today’s society are put into one through her music. Self Realized Nation: A Song Cycle is released on July 2013.

Alma is a prodigy at carrying the details of simple events to engross you in the story, to make you feel like you’ve been included in the story.

Shakira and The Cranberries combined, perhaps you can say that her voice quality is just like that, but still, there is a distinct characteristic in her voice that makes her sound fresh and original.

Opening track I Want to Live for the Future, is a song about wanting to live and see the future despite every hardships and struggles that a person is going through. The message of the song is conveyed through her unfaltering singing prowess coupled by the acoustic guitar on the background.

Savior comes in a different tempo. Although this song comes in a slow pace, the message of the song is delivered with conviction and defiance.

A great way to push hope in the end is Courage Grows. Download, press play, and let this track’s innate charm run through your veins.

Unlike any other singers who are known for their sweet, innocent, and smooth voice, Alma Sanchez dominates music by performing songs with the use of her original, raw, and powerful voice.

Track List:
1. I Want to Live for the Future
2. Boot Straps
3. Rubble
4. When We Started
5. Integrity Song
6. My Lazy Sins
7. Savior
8. Pick Your Battles
9. Courage Grows

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