The music lover is a curious creature. Fuelled by the thrill of a music discovery unknown from most of the public, they can mostly be found lurking in online music catalogues, sniffing out the best and freshest content before anyone has the chance to hear it. And nothing piques the music lover’s interest quite like the word ‘exclusive’.

For fellow music lovers who often visit FrostClick, power team Trent Dabbs and Amy Stroup, better known as Sugar & The Hi Lows, treats us with a shiny discovery in their self-titled, exclusive collection released for free via Noisetrade.


In the past years, Trent and Amy, who are solo artists in their own right, had co-written songs together, and, one day, decided to collaborate to create impeccable alternative music that brims vintage and sassy flavours. The duo quickly made waves, landing their way on radio charts, hundreds of TV placements, and positive reviews from well-known publications such as USA Today, Billboard Magazine, Paste Magazine, Marie Claire, and American Songwriter to name a few.

Celebrating music from different eras, Sugar & The Hi Lows opens the album with a new single, High Roller. Groovy ‘ahahaha-s’ mixed with punchy drum beats set an energy-filled atmosphere to fire up the listeners. The playful mixture of Trent and Amy’s voices, laced with grainy guitar riffs and hand-clapping rhythms, will surely make you dance.

See It For Yourself¬†revamps old school rock with funk and much sass. Listen as Amy’s breathy, textured vocals pair well with sharp surf rock guitar. Here, the duo successfully brings together past and present influences, creating a modern twist to old favorites.

Closing the album is Skip The Line, a refreshing ensemble of country-oriented strings and feet-stomping beats. With rootsy vocals that fit perfectly with every note, this track is a charmer for those who like some country zest.

Sugar & The Hi Lows’ signature sound of combining old-school sound with current trends brings something new to the table that’s equally unique and fan-friendly.

Track List:
1. High Roller (New Single)
2. Show and Tell
3. Two Day High
4. I’ve Got You Covered
5. See It For Yourself
6. I Think I Said Too Much
7. Stubborn Lover
8. This Can’t Be The Last Time
9. Skip The Line

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