Calling out all pop rock indie kids out there! Replenish your playlist with Cheers Elephant‘s new release, Like Wind Blows Fire. Packed with ten fresh tracks, this album is a sure win to share with your fellow yuppie friends during weekend hang-outs.

Cheers Elephant is Derek Krzywicki (lead vocals, guitar), Jordan del Rosario (lead guitar, vocals), Travelin’ Matt (bass vocals), and Robert Kingsly (drums). The album is produced by Justin Chapman and Lenny Skolnik, and mastered by Ryan Schwabe.

Prepare your sunglasses and flip-flops and head to the beach while opening track, Peoples, serenade on the background. This sonic charmer opens with surf pop guitars blended with smooth disco-ish vocals and arrangement. The song is an awesome jumping off point for the whole track, as it’s addictively hooking.


Doin’ It Right utilizes energy-packed drums and steady flowing melodies. With hand-clapping beats placed perfectly between seamless guitar tunes, the track showcases a perfect balance between texture and rhythmic contrast.

Rapid drum beats reminiscent of Peter Bjorn and John’s Young Folks opens in Leaves. One of the fan’s favorites, this piece features a variety of beats set on a background of ambient, atmospheric musings. The contrast produces an easy-listening track that gives the right amount of oomph.

Like Wind Blows Fire is a kind of album that anyone would be happy to stumble upon on. Cheers Elephants sure knows how to lighten up gloomy days and channel some good vibes with their well-mastered pieces.

Track List:
1. Peoples
2. Doin’ It, Right
3. Falling Out
4. Leaves
5. Party On Darwin
6. Get Ya!
7. Thought and Commonsense
8. Little Dog
9. Like Wind Blows Fire
10. Balloon in the City

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