YouTube sensation Gia Margaret serenades us with her five-track album titled Dark/Joy. The songs were all written and performed by the Chicago, Illinois-based artist. Enjoy a cup of brewed in your comfy sweaters and let Gia Margaret set you in the right mood.


Sparks fly high with opening track All We’ve Got. Embellished with soft cooing strings and a simple yet pristine arrangement, this is an august piece that perfectly introduces Gia’s impeccable voice. Her vocals has a distinct combination of softness and sharpness, giving the song the right balance of punch and lush to caress the ears.

12-21-12┬ácomes from the same mold but differentiates itself through a velvety and effortless sweetness. Listen to the piece and let Gia’s self-penned lines recreate visuals of bright tranquil mornings.

Departure starts on a melancholic tune with a handful of slowly strummed strings and low, solid undertones. However, the tide changes as the song progresses with rhythmic guitars blending heavenly with ethereal vocals that’s spine-chilling.

Gia Margaret has one of the most graceful saccharine voice I’ve ever heard in years, and Dark/Joy has highlighted not only this, but also her writing prowess. A singer, songwriter, and stunner as well, the future is indeed bright for this talented lady.

Track List:
1. All We’ve Got
2. 12-21-12
3. Next Town
4. Departure
5. Celica

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