Let your ears sink in to the riveting sounds of Great Barrier.

‘Great Barrier’ is the pseudonym of Miami-based Jackson Firlik, who has solely written, performed and produced his first EP, Let It Sink In.

Hypnotic piano keys greet the listener in the opening track “Dreamweaver”, which leads to soft adult contemporary-friendly drum beats – it indeed is a dream translated into a song.

Seamlessly, things get considerably very Radiohead on “Hard Edges”, where Firlik’s haunting vocals croon about love on a decidedly existential level. “Hear me screaming over static sounds/white noise to drown us out,” he goes.

On “Wake”, the tempo slows down on soothing strums reminiscent of the band America, and switches to Kings of Leon on the succeeding song, the title track “Let It Sink In”.

A personal favourite lies in the final one, “Waves”, whose wonderfully-produced middle (a fusion of recordings, rock sounds and the Steinway), taking your breath away like a Cannes-approved indie film.

Obviously, Great Barrier tries on every imaginable indie music trope on its first effort, but mixes them profusely and amazingly.

Track listing:

  1. Dreamweaver
  2. Hard Edges
  3. Wake
  4. Let It Sink In
  5. Waves

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