Nikki Jumper‘s latest EP, Sinful Youth, is like vodka, cigarettes, and faded lipstick rolled into one. If there’s an anthem for the morning after partying hard a la college, then this eight-track collection is a strong contender.

Embodying pop psychedelic all throughout, Nikki Jumper reflects the sound of the streets and strobe lights, where the girls are dressed in denim shorts, high-cut boots, and leather jackets.


Title track Sinful Youth opens the collection with steady electro tunes and tempoed wordplay that screams the theme of careless youth. Inhale comes from the same musical mold as that of Sinful Youth, only with more spirited keys and reverberating shakes.

Firecracker takes the slower route with layered vocals and atmospheric arrangement. Nikki’s voice reaches its maximum potential as it flexes through echoing lines.

The collection closes with Wild Roads, a soft rock piece that’s perfect for road trips and chillin’ out in the evening. The electric guitar riffs builds into a powerful mixture of sharp notes and churning electro hooks.


Sinful Youth is an edgy collection that creates a magical experience, where dark, low notes beautifully contrasts the light, colorful concept of being young and free. So download, press play, and let Nikki Jumper release your inner wild child.

Track List:
1. Sinful Youth
2. Inhale
3. Wild Child
4. Kaleidoscope Love
5. Black Boots
6. Firecracker
7. Jimmy Page
8. Wild Roads

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