Imagine this: it’s predawn, the rain beats against your windowpane, the temperature drops, and you cozy up in a tight embrace while the the crisper winds drift in. You try to make the most of this moment, reading, ruminating, or romanticizing the calm, silent cityscape.

For moments like this, Vanessa Carlton‘s latest EP, Young Heart, is the perfect companion. Laced with subdued folk strings and dreamy vocals, the five-track collection is a relaxing prelude to your day.

The EP is a sneak peek to Carlton’s next album, Limberman, which will be released in October 2015. It gives a snapshot of her musical growth throughout the years, which is quite a far cry from her old hits like A Thousand Miles and White Houses, but still deeply satisfying. It introduces a new face of Vanessa, which is more mature, controlled, a bit lucid, but still vibrant.

A prominent sense of space welcomes the ears in the title track, Young Heart. Here, Carlton gives an ode to slowness and the beauty of solace. Listen as each folk string builds and crumbles in its own natural pace while layered vocals come in waves of pure bliss.


The Marching Line follows with the signature tandem of Vanessa and a piano. The hushed, ambient vocals and controlled keys play an intrinsic role in building a soul-evoking musical experience for the listeners.

Hear The Bells spins ambient pop melodies and clever verses that are painted on a canvass of glowing panoramic production.

Stripped of mainstream structure, Young Heart EP exposes Vanessa Carlton and her most intimate, personal thoughts. Every track shows a carefree nature of the artist and every harmony, bold or soft, always feels like a warm embrace.

Track List:
1. Young Heart
2. The Marching Line
3. Dear California
4. Hear The Bells
5. Fairweather Friend

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