Angry Birds Go from Rovio is one of the most popular versions in the Angry Birds series, and it is easy to see why. While it has many of the traits that made the franchise a big hit, this racer will also draw in casual fans who just want to have a bit of fun. In short, it’s a thrilling game.

There’s an option to start racing immediately, and you start with a tutorial that will show how it’s done so you’re ready to race against the pigs. If you’ve played Angry Birds before, you’ll be pleased to note that the environment has that real Angry Birds feel and look to them. As you go through the levels you’ll be able to play more characters from the classic game. The sling shot you use in the previous games is here too, and you use it to sling the birds as far as possible.

Two game control methods are available, steer by tilting or touch control. You can choose which control to set before the game starts and you can change it later from the settings menu. Some players are more comfortable physically moving their device, while others like touch control. Whichever you prefer you can choose so here with ease.

Your goal is to gather as many coins as possible so you can buy power ups and new carts. When you collect enough coins you’ll be able to unleash a secret weapon that will give you the opportunity go further in the race. Bottom line: if you’re an Angry Birds fan, you’ll love this game.

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