Ready to fill-up that folk acoustic craving? Fall Walk Run‘s Piece by Piece is texture, timbre, and fun molded into one outstanding collection.

Hailing from Wolverhampton, UK, Fall Walk Run is an indie musical duo comprising of Stuart Eaves and Lawrence Harvey. Their first EP Throwing It All Away was also featured on FrostClick. Released last February, their second album Piece by Piece, have already garnered a lot of attention with over 250,000 plays and 3400 downloads on Jamendo.


The album’s success may be attributed to its fun and lively melodies evident in its opening track Do or Die. Steady acoustic strums plays well with country vocals, adding an overall rustic and energetic vibe.

Standout tracks Runaway and Off the Ground emerges from the same sonic mold. Though Runaway makes use of sexy electric guitars and Off the Ground plays on drums, both are recommended pieces as their laid back and funky style spells perfect chill lounge music.

Closing with a pure acoustic piece, Perfectly Imperfect is a wonderful little gem that bursts with sweetness and sunshine. The track’s gentle cooing melodies makes it the perfect match with your morning coffee.

In Piece by Piece, Fall Walk Run has solidified their fixture in the indie pop game. Their polished, fun, and unpretentious sound makes them accessible to any kind of listener.

Track list:
1. Do Or Die
2. Runaway
3. Off The Ground
4. Headlights
5. What Is Love
6. Perfectly Imperfect

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