Martin Parks isn’t the name of a single artist. It’s actually a duo made up of Roman Lee & Jacque Hammond. The merger of these two amazing artists equates a great sound revolution, much like their namesake being borrowed from two of the most well-known civil rights activists there ever was: Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks.

Thankful for Sound is the duo’s latest record. It’s an album that creatively mixes hip hop, soul, jazz, R&B and even a bit of electronic dance. Thanks to this lush combination the album is exciting, upbeat and worth grabbing at first chance. 

The whole combination of hip hop, jazz and soul isn’t for everyone but for fans of artists as diverse as Ella Fitzgerald, Kanye West, or even Gnarls Barkley; you’ll walk away feeling good about grabbing this record.

From beginning to end, you get cuts that seem perfect for radio airplay. Each one beaming with catchy hooks and great beats; whether it’s the laid back feel of Thankful for Sound or the more soulful, Making a Way. Moreover, Jacque’s vocals add a lovely jazzy touch, and in places it recalls Macy Gray and Corinne Bailey Rae.

There are a few that dislike how the songs seem to sound so “mainstream,” however, there’s no denying that each one has a nice and catchy groove. It’s rare to find an album you can play from beginning to end without suffering an urge to skip one or two tracks here and there. Martin Parks ensures that every cut on here is worth your time.

According to the duo, this third record, Thankful for Sound “comes from a random thought. Think about it. Sound makes us aware of just about everything around us…we’re thankful to have a voice, and share our music with the world. It feels good, any time to have anyone listening, be it music or not; your sound.” (Examiner)

You can grab the download over at their BandCamp page. The entire 15-track compilation is available absolutely free.

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