Welcome the new year with ambient electropop tunes from New York-based songstress Noosa. In her latest album released on 20 May 2014 titled Wonderland, Noosa treats old fans and casual listeners with nine tracks of impeccable tunes.


First track, Love, welcomes the ears with syncopated keys and ethereal vocals. Listen as ghostly tunes come in waves, drifting you to a pleasurable listening experience. Standout track Wildfire follows with charming keys weaved with Noosa’s angelic voice. Pop beats add texture and a dose of energy to the track.

Walk on By takes things slow with a bare-boned piano and classical arrangement. Listen as Noosa’s soft, textured voice caresses each note, building a fortress of heart-warming sounds. While Stranger closes the album with a heavenly mixture of classical tones, ambient vocals, and solid pop beats. This stellar piece will surely take you to places and let you feel like flying in a universe of perfectly conceived melodies.

Noosa’s sound opens up a whole new universe, where waves of melodies and beats flow harmoniously, creating tracks that sound so effortless. Download, press play, and let Wonderland soothe your spirit. It’s available as a buy-what-you-want/free download on Bandcamp.

Track List:
1. Love
2. Wildfire
3. Begin Again
4. Golden One
5. Clocktower
6. Walk on By
7. Forest Lane
8. Sail
9. Stranger

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