A moniker for Paris-based folk songwriter, Balthazar B is Alex Dowding, alongside with the Beatitudes which is an ever changing, ramshackle collection of surrealists, doctors, geeks, religious scholars and of course, rock and roll enthusiasts.

I am the Tide is a lo-fi collection of storytelling folk music. It is accompanied by a selection of musicians and also samples solo acoustic acts.

Working Man’s Blues establishes a creepy foundation at the start but then drastically assembles into a lively experimental rock and roll genre.

I Have No Fear has a furious concentration of heavy metal percussions and guitar solos but kept intact by the lyrically deep thought of meaning. There Is A Monster In Me weaves an intricate web of exquisite design across the imminently sentient pop folk scene while 1995 is a song of dedication and precision of a master craftsman.

Balthazar B and the Beatitudes presents a well balanced mix of folksong and rock and roll. Imagine sitting cross-legged in a cozy folk kitchen, flanked by two delicious and freshly baked pies. On the left sits a hearty steaming rock ‘n’ roll pie, while on the right sits a golden sweet pop pie. Our hands are thrust deeply into each of their juicy centers, and we have a beaming smile on our face.

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