Nashville-based singer/songwriter Becca Naber treats music lover with a collection of pop melodies that are arranged to tell the story of young love, maturity, and understanding its aftermath.

Drive In kicks off the album with a playful arrangement of indie-pop melodies blended with the comforting, sweet voice of Naber. The track bursts with a youthful, charming vibe balanced by Naber’s distinctive yet soothing voice.

That Night talks about the start of a budding relationship and how our naive minds let us decide who to love even if the rest of the world is against it. Laced with a simple yet solid acoustic strings, this piece will certainly ease and calm your senses.

In Temporary, the once fairytale love story slowly turns into reality as maturity kicks in. Naber utilizes deep, dark-hued melodies to evoke the feeling of falling out of love.


Clean Slate ends the album on a positive note by weaving lines that talk about starting fresh after a break-up. The layers of indie-pop vocals delivered with glowing harmonies will surely put a smile on your face.

Apart from Becca Naber‘s distinct voice that fits well with her folk-pop melodies, one of the greatest assets of her music is its ability to tell a story and channel emotions through changes in harmonies.

So download, press play, and let Becca Naber take you on a journey with At the Drive In.

Track List:
1. Drive In
2. That Night
3. Don’t Look Back
4. Temporary
5. Clean Slate

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