Celebrating the spirit of soul and ambient music, Shaprece paints an eclectic palette of musical influences such as Bjork, Erykah Badu, Aaliyah and Little Dragon. In Molting EP, listeners are treated with a confluence of rich, subdued tones that are packed with a variety of elements that elevate a blissful sonic experience.

First stop in this seven-track collection is title track Molting, which features some signature neo-soul characteristics blended with strong female vocals driven through beat and flow. The eclectic musical arrangement aims to plant a seed of sound that grows in natural progression amidst space and ghostly vocals.

Following with layers of electro ambient waves and rhythmic arrangement is Reverie. Here, Shaprece utilizes modern samples of electro tunes punctuated with pauses to create an organic piece that will make you bump and move. The orchestral arrangement adds a layer of flavor and complexity to the track.

Meanwhile, Illusionist takes influences from the synth-driven arrangement of Little Dragon, where magnetic rhythms and intermittent thuds work closely with funky soul vibe to create a beat-focused set in an atmospheric soundscape.

All in all, Molting EP encapsulates Shaprece’s continued effort to explore the balance between downtempo, soul and experimentation, resulting in catchy adventurous tracks that are totally new to the ears. The album glitter with rhythmic vibrations and a modern aura that settle any music lover into a constant, chill groove.

Track List:
1. Molting
2. Reverie
3. Her Song
4. Entropy
5. Illusionist
6. Tell Me (Blue Sky Black Death Remix)

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