Thumb Drift from SMG Studio is a racing game where you have to drift around several tracks using your thumb, hence the name. It sounds easy enough to learn and it is, but to succeed in the game you need rapid reflexes, patience and some luck as well, but you’ll keep coming back for this.

All you need to play the game is your thumb: your vehicle automatically accelerates so you just need to swipe or drag your thumb or finger on the screen to execute turns. Bump anything, even slightly, and you have to start over.

As you can tell the game can be tricky, especially during the first few times you play it. The controls are sensitive, so the slightest movement your thumb makes will change the direction of your car. Drag too much and your car will crash, and swiping too much isn’t good either.

The key here is to drag carefully and to be patient, and doing this will help you get further in the game. Thumb Drift is not a simple game, but the good thing is there are several missions you can practice with. The more you play and advance, the more new tracks you’ll be able to unlock, so that should keep you going.

At various points in the game you will need to complete certain missions, and when you complete these you get coins and when you reach certain milestones you’ll unlock the new tracks. With so much going on and the drifting skills to master, Thumb Drift should keep you occupied for a while.

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