CAPPA‘s self-titled EP is a whirlwind emulsion of alternative pop melodies influenced by game changers in the music industry today.


Hailing from Nashville, TN, CAPPA (real name Carla Cappa) started her music career in 2009 when she released her first album titled “You Never Got Me.” The 23-year-old songstress did not stop there and worked hard to make a name for herself. She played backup for Passion Pit’s live video sessions and her single Killin’ It was featured in the show “Scream” on MTV.

In this five-track EP, CAPPA takes the audience into a quick escape through lush vocals that soothe the nerves but, at the same time, pumps the spirit with pop-influenced beats.

First track Hush welcomes the ears with a confluence of pure indie pop goodness that pulses in an organized rhythmic scale. CAPPA’s echoing vocals add a flair of ambience and softness to this piece.

Meanwhile, Killin’ It utilizes dark-hued tones and thick electro beats. The combination of electro beats and textured melodies create a musky atmosphere of sharpness and attitude.

This Love closes the EP with an experimental combination of ghostly vocals that swims in between a slow escalating arrangement of hushed beats and electro tunes. In this track, CAPPA transports listeners to a temporary universe where the beauty and madness of indie pop go hand in hand.

In this collection, CAPPA succeeded in delivering to the listeners a quick escape from their fast-paced lives by simply hitting play.

Track List:
1. Hush
2. In the Morning
3. Killin’ It
4. Rain
5. This Is Love

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