“I want young women to know that they don’t have to be a sex symbol to sell records or get love” Kamaiyah says when asked about the impact she wants her music to have, “Because right now you see one thing – which is Nicki – and everybody feels like they have to be that.”


Kamaiyah is a hip-hop musician from Oakland and a self-described child of the 90s (to the extent that she carries around an old-school brick cell phone). On her debut mixtape, A Good Night in the Ghetto, she pays homage to the era of upbeat hip-hop of Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliot and TLC with sixteen carefree and energetic party anthems. Each track is an astute display of Kamaiyah’s genius in creating strong danceable melodies, and do not feel surprised if you find yourself involuntarily mumbling hooks from Out The Bottle or How Does It Feel.

Kamaiyah stated her opinion about the music industry in an interview with Pitchfork “It’s no longer about lyricism. It’s about how good your beat is and how good the harmonies and melodies are.” This thought, however, quite clearly is not reflected in her music. Whether she’s singing about her humble beginnings (I’m On), love (Come Back) or bragging about her sumptuous lifestyle (How Does It Feel), Kamaiyah keeps the punch-lines coming.

Kamaiyah’s debut manifests everything you can wish for in a great hip-hop record. It is clever, confident and catchy. I’m a fan.

Favorite Track: How Does It Feel


Track List
1. I’m On
2. Out The Bottle
3. Hoochie Hotline Interlude
4. Niggas
5. Fuck It Up
6. Break You Down
7. Hoochie Hotline Interlude
8. Come Back
9. How Does It Feel
10. Mo Money Mo Problems
11. Hoochie Hotline Interlude
12. Ain’t Going Home Tonight
13. Swing My Way
14. Freaky Freaks
15. One Love
16. For My Dawg