After falling in love with the sitar at the age of 19, singer-songwriter Roger Jaeger moved to India where he studied the instrument further and “learned to make the perfect cup of chai”. The country’s ethnic musical flavors seeped their way into Jaeger’s songwriting and are given a vivid display on his third album – Start Over.


Jaeger’s music maintains an impressive balance between commercially appealing pop tastes and interesting and creative songwriting. Catchy guitar-driven melodies and memorable hooks in the style of pop-rock artists like Coldplay and One Republic form a major part of Start Over’s style and charm. This, however, does not limit Jaeger from experimenting and providing us with musical variety. Elevator is an outright indie-rock fist-pumper while The Way It Should Be‘s cheerful saccharine melody will stick in your head way longer than you may want it to.

Jaeger’s decision to add the sitar to some of the tracks proves to be in excellent taste – you need only listen to the title track to see what I mean. Matched with Jaeger’s soft comforting voice and mellow instrumentation, the instrument adds a captivating mystical quality to the mix.

Favorite Track: The Way It Should Be


Track List
1. All I’ve Got
2. Start Over
3. Elevator
4. The Way It Should Be
5. Just Wanna Meet You
6. Okay
7. Mean It
8. Conversation
9. Daydreaming
10. More To This
11. Robots
12. God Only Knows

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