Steppy Pants from Super Entertainment is one of those casual but maddeningly difficult games you can’t put down. At its heart this is a walking simulator and the goal is to simply walk forward, and while that doesn’t sound like much of a game, it’s actually addictive and easy to get into.

To walk forward you just tap the screen. Your characters lifts one leg, and when you release your finger, steps down. All the steps alternate between left and right so all you need to do is keep tapping to walk forward. However that wouldn’t be much of a game now, so the challenge comes in the form of cracks on the road.

There are cracks along the crosswalk lines, the sections of concrete and other parts of the road. If you step on one of these cracks your character falls over and you have to return to your last checkpoint. While the objective of Steppy Pants sounds easy enough – avoid the cracks on the pavement – it’s not that simple as timing is essential. Holding on too long or not holding down long enough can land you in the crack so it can be frustrating. At the same time though, the challenge of being able to walk past them is what will keep you going.

The more steps you can take the higher your score will be, plus there is a distance counter. This distance counter is a nice feature because you don’t have to worry about your personal best time now and instead focus on improving the distance you have covered.

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