iTunes is full of what we may call idle clickers, simple and casual games meant to pass away the time, relieve stress and just provide some fun. Hand of God by Playgendary is one of those: it has a very simple premise, but that is exactly what makes it such an enjoyable game.

The objective could not be any simpler. When the game starts you will see a square object in the center of your screen. There are hordes of enemies trying to destroy it, and you just tap the enemies to destroy them. That is all there is to the game in terms of controls so it’s easy to get into.

Hand of God does offer some upgrades: whenever you kill an enemy you are awarded coins, and you can use these coins to gain new weapons. During the early stages of the game the only way you can destroy the enemy is by tapping them, but eventually you will have the means to upgrade and get flamethrowers and other weapons.

As you can see, Hand of God is all about tapping the screen to kill your enemies and unlock new features and upgrades. At the early levels there are only a few enemies but as the game progresses more and more appear, leading to frantic tapping of the screen.

Hand of God is a not as easy as you might think, but it is satisfying to play especially when you have finished a level. Overall this is a fun casual game that’s worth checking out.

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