They say there is an app for everything, and we can say the same thing about mobile games. Who would have thought that we would get a game about cutting grass? Yet that is what we have here with Grass Cut from Voodoo. Now mowing and cutting grass in real life is a chore, but the game is cute and worth checking out. With simple one touch controls and intuitive gameplay, you may find yourself playing longer than you think.

When the game starts you are presented with a field covered in grass and a couple of saw blades. Tap the screen and the blades activate, cutting grass around it. When you have removed all the grass from the field you move on to the next level. Try not to fall over the corners as that is game over and you have to start from scratch.

Timing ks key here. Keep in mind the blades move and cut in the area you pressed. This might seem confusing as one blade moves clockwise and the other counterclockwise after you swap them. But this is easier than it sounds as the blades move in specific ways you can memorize. Just keep tapping the field parts where the grass is thickest and cut away. If you want to change directions, just tap in another area and the blades turn there.

As you get near the edge, be careful and try not to slip over. Also watch out for the 3 purple seeds. Cut them quickly and the blades go into Fever Mode, boosting their cutting speed. Grass Cut really makes this chore something to look forward to.

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