Marvel Future Fight by Netmarble Games Corp is an action RPG dungeon crawler featuring a wide range of Marvel heroes and villains, and it’s got a pretty good story to tell as well. Essentially, Jocasta, Ultron’s daughter, has sent a message to Nick Fury about a threat from the future, and this is where you step in.

The game starts with a tutorial featuring Black Panther, Thor and Spider Man among others, and when the tutorial’s over you see Iron Man, Captain America and Black Widow in action. You can form teams with three members each comprised of a lot of Marvel heroes.

The missions consist of your heroes fighting it out against various enemies before the final boss battle of each level. Controls can be touch based or one with a virtual stick. If you’d rather watch the action, then tap auto play and watch the AI do it for you. In Future Fight, you’ll be able to unlock special abilities for each character as they level up.

Future Fight also lets you call heroes from another player to assist you in fighting enemies. Tapping on each hero’s image allows you to swap them and it’s a good way to socialize while playing. After each mission you’ll see some dialogue that progresses the story and you’ll have the option to upgrade gears and customize them.

The Biometrics system gives you the opportunity to earn items and get new villains, giving you another reason to keep playing. Bottom line: Marvel Future Fight is a fun game and something you might really enjoy.

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