Noyo Mathis: Ages

Noyo Mathis (from Portsmouth, UK) composed of siblings Jamie and Toby Savill and their friend Daniel England, came together in 2011. With three EPs and an full ... Read More

Strange Mangers: Strange Mangers

Quiet, post rock group from Boston, Strange Mangers, finally releases their melancholic and hypnotic self-titled debut compilation. Listening to the band's sound, you'll capture a whiff of melodic guitars, coupled with hazy vocals and an expansive range of sounds that seem to take you from dreamland, reality, and back. Although the band is still new and there's hardly anything about them online, their sound is enough to convince listeners that their post rock sound is worth checking out and listening to. Their album is currently available for free at BandCamp.

Beware Wolf: Tales

Tales is a short 4-track EP from a trio of lads from West Yorkshire, England. Creating a flurry of indie math rock in a span of more or less 15 minutes, the band's debut is laden with some fun and catchy tunes worth taking note of. Made up of Tom, Liam and Sean; Beware Wolf strays away from hiding underneath instruments and instead cleverly mixes varying tempo, beats and smart lyrics to round up their cuts. It's this eclectic side coupled with the bands pop sensibilities that make each song in this record quite enjoyable.

One Lick Less: We Could be Quiet

One Lick Less proves that you can do so much with just drum & bass and the occasional vocals. We Could Be Quiet contains music that hovers around free-ranging blues, progressive improv and even "spectral math rock." When you listen, it's not hard to see all this. The album is an intense, sometimes instrumental, compilation full of eclectic bits and pieces all cohesively working together. The result is impressive, in terms of range and style. It's also something difficult to describe since it's rare to hear such a unique sound.

Charts and Maps – Enemies of C. Frias

Indie jazz rock band conquers music lovers with a solid indie math rock offering. Charts and Maps offers one of a kind instrumental music that takes you back to the 60s, as it reverberates with beautiful guitar work and a jazzy rock feel. Enemies of C. Frias is the bands 4 song EP and from the sound of it, it seems to be a very promising take on what they have to offer. Enemies of C. Frias was mixed and recorded with the help of Chris Schlarb, member of jazz rock duo I Heart Lung; this demo is a mix of math rock and indie jazz but for those who hate labels, it's otherwise called great music. Take a listen.

Helsingfors’ “Schematics” – a free post-rock/math rock album download from UK

Helsingfors is a five-person instrumental post-rock/math rock band from London, England. The band, which includes all four members of the now-defunct instrumental band From the Sky, is composed of Daniel King, James Morris, Barry Rogers, Alan Ross, and John Spears. The band has released its debut EP entitled "Schematics," which includes four all-new songs. "Schematics" was recorded primarily as a live band, and as such, the EP pulsates with all the energy a live show brings. The album is available now as a free download from the netlabel Lost Children.