Hero Hunters by Hothead Games is a team based shooter, so it is you with other teammates shooting at all the bad guys. It is a third person shooter where the goal is to create your own team and play in several modes including campaign, PVP, daily events, co-op missions, and that is only for starters.

The controls are simple. Press your thumb on the left of the screen to aim, and hold on the right button to fire. Swiping to the right allows you to run to a new cover or duck if you are taking a lot of heavy fire.

You play with four other heroes, and you can switch to any of them if needed. The easy controls are a nice touch as the gameplay can be intense. The good thing though is there are a lot of weapons to choose from including shotguns, rifles and sniper assault guns to boot.

Each team member carries a different weapon, with those carrying shotgun at front, the snipers at the back and the riflemen in the middle. With a quick tap you can switch between them to implement whatever strategy you have in mind.

Gameplay is easy to get into and you can play for hours on end or in short busts, it is up to you. Your teammates AI is also one of the best on mobile, so no need to complain about how they are always getting killed and you have to do everything.

Bottom line, Hero Hunters is an exceptional mobile game that provides a lot of action and adventure to keep you playing for hours.

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