Multiplayer first-person shooters are pretty common in mobile, so it takes something special to make a game stand out. One of those that does is Bullet Force. Published by Blayze Games, it is a really intense shooter with some of the better-looking graphics that are on mobile games today.

The controls are well mapped and allow you to move, crouch, jump, fire, reload, attack melee style and hurl grenades. The controls are similar to what is found in typical mobile FPS so getting used to them is no problem.

Bullet Force has a military feel and setting to it, and a testament to this is the button for sighting with your weapon. The game comes with four modes including deathmatch and free for all, staples in multiplayer action games. The two other modes are Conquest and another free called Gun Game where your weapons depending on your performance.

As you play you earn currency that can be used to buy ammo, new guns, and explosives. The nice thing about the game is it does not take long before you get your hands on currency. The more you play the more intense the game gets, but you do get to use new weapons to take out your opponents.

Bullet Force looks good and plays even better. If you like first-person shooters especially those with a military look and feel, then this is one game that you should take a look at. It is easy to get into and a lot of fun to play with friends.

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