San Giorli is not your typical space adventure game, as developer Tencent Mobile International Limited pulled out all the stops to give you a compelling story to go along with the gameplay. Set in a futuristic, cyberpunk city, your character comes back to find his hometown devoid of human life. What happened?

The game controls are based on the position of your spaceship. Tap the left-hand side of the screen and your character turns counterclockwise. Touch the right side of the screen and you move in a clockwise direction. As you will see, his space suit has a jetpack that allows him to move in the desired direction, a nice touch.

Mastering the controls is necessary to protect yourself and your ship from colliding with steel objects. Your goal is to make a path for your ship as you navigate the levels. As you go through them you hook up power cables on the streets of your abandoned hometown.

These cables are all over the town, criss-crossing all around. Why you need to do this will become clear as you play the game. In the meantime you have to solve other puzzles before you can advance. The graphics are first rate, with the blue, purple, red and neon shades suitable for the cyberpunk atmosphere.

San Giorli is more than just a puzzle game as it has a compelling story that will keep you interested in the game. Suffice to say that it is deeper than those in the average title and will keep you hooked.

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