A metronome helps musicians fine-tune their tempo and beats, so it comes as no surprise an app is now available that replicates this function. Developed by Soundcorset, Tuner & Metronome supports guitar, harmonica, piano, drum, violin and other instruments. A BPM detector and a tuning fork are also built in, and it is easy to use.

The one-touch control makes the app easy to use. Just go to the rhythm function and you can choose any of the available options for beats and tempo. The volume control gives you control over the audio and you can use vibrate or flashlight to simulate beats.

Rhythms are plentiful including blues, swing, bossa nova and rock groove, and the speed trainer makes it easy to progress at your own pace. This is really more than just a metronome as it is also a tuner and recorder too.

The interface is clear, clean and intuitive. The play, record and tuner buttons are well positioned. As you use the app you can see the BPM detector, the presets and time tracker easily. You can see the pitch and gives you various options for tuning forks. There is also an indicator so you know if the tone is still in suitable range.

Once you are done recording, Tuner & Metronome saves it in mp3 format. Recording and tuning are quick and the app does not use up a lot of storage either. If you are on the lookout for a metronome then this is as good an option as any.

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