Cooking Fever from Nordcurrent is obviously a time management game that takes the cooking genre to another level. Essentially you need to cook different kinds of foods, meals and desserts within a specific timeframe to win. It’s very addictive, and the mechanics are easy enough for anyone to learn.

You don’t just get to cook a number of different meals and desserts, but there are also several locations to choose from including Oriental Restaurant, the Oyster Bar to Desserts and Fast Food. The game has a lot of variety but the settings make it easy for beginners and learn different types of cooking techniques.

You need to cook a lot of meals but that’s okay because there are a hundred different ingredients. In addition you’ll be able to use various kitchen appliances including popcorn makers, pizza ovens and rice cookers. In addition you can decorate your restaurants to attract guests and even give away freebies like cupcakes and cookies.

As you play Cooking Fever you’ll be able to do a lot more and upgrade your kitchen and showcase an even wider range of dishes. The key however, is time management because you have to deliver the meals on time. Depending on how well you do, Cooking Fever will allow you to purchase other restaurants throughout the city to expand your business.

Cooking Fever also lets you experiment with different cuisines and try new stuff in your bakery, so there’s plenty to do here. If you’re into cooking games, this is something you’ll enjoy.

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