The Bullzip PDF printer lets you write PDF files from any applications in Windows. This free software from Bullzip also works well with Windows 8 and the 2012 edition of Windows Server. In addition, you can also have it control your printer if you want, all while coming with full output management.

Other features on the software include a streamlined graphical user interface, and setup that does not require much input from the user. All the PDF documents that you course through the software can be protected by passwords (the encryption it uses is 128/40 bit).

Bullzip PDF printer also gives you full control over the quality settings (prepress, ebook etc) and you can also configure and set the document properties such as transparency and watermark text, adjust the size and rotate text. In addition documents can be appended, superimposed and you can also use a command line interface if you are all more comfortable with that. bullzip_printer_screenshot

Another strong suit of Bullzip PDF Printer is its support for multiple file types such as tiff, jpg, pdf, and pcx among others, so it is not just a simple PDF printer (it further comes armed with support for the Windows Terminal Server and the Citrix MetaFrame).

Bullzip PDF printer is not a fancy application but it gets the job done. If you ever need to write PDF documents in a hurry and with full customization, this is a good option. Besides being compatible with Windows 8, you can install and run the program on older versions of Windows such as Windows Vista, XP, Windows 7 and many others.

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