KeepNote is a note taking app developed by Matt Rasmussen that you can use on different platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux. With this application, you can prepare to-do lists, set up paper outlines and make journal entries. However, there’s a lot more you can do with this free application.

KeepNote can also be used for writing down research notes, reminders, notes and more using its easy to understand notebook layout. It has support for rich text formatting and boasts a powerful search function, useful if you have filled the app with notes and are trying to find the one you made days before.


The program was made in Python, and all your notes are kept in XML and HTML so it’s easy to edit and store. In addition, the application makes it easy to archive and transfer your notes. What this means is that if you’ve got a whole bunch of notes and want to take them with you, you can zip them up.

The rich text formatting meanwhile, allows you to create bullet lists and use inline images, and the hierarchical organization makes it easier to arrange your notes. It even has a spell checker and an auto saving feature, and combined with full text means it can handle just about any note taking chore you have in mind. Aside from those features, it also has a built in backup and restore, very handy. If you need a versatile note taking app, KeepNote will do just fine.

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