The Belorussian act Plushka is one of the top purveyors of downbeat electronica today, and the album In Touch shows excellent form. There is no shortage of digital music today and it can be pretty difficult to stand out from the rest. But it should not be hard for this album as the 7 tracks shows how diverse and engaging chillout can be, especially when in good hands.

The intro for the lush opening track In Touch establishes its theme of communication, and the repeating pattern has a dreamy feel to it. By the 2 minute mark it builds up but still has a subdued laid back air to it. The second track is Chill, aptly titled as it brings up images of smoky lounges, relaxing atmosphere with cool drink in hand. No doubt it’s the electric guitars that drive this one.

Utopia epitomizes downbeat to a T, with a slow steady beat punctuated by electric guitar accents. This slow and sure rhythm sets up a nice contrast with In Clouds. This awesome track has heavier and louder beats, and while still downbeat provides plenty of oomph. The peaks and valley shifts is excellent and overall one of the best tracks on the album. Next up we have Road Home and it is ideal for cruising the city at night (or anytime for that matter). It’s got an irresistible beat highlighted by the interplay of guitars and electronica.

Night Romance is another standout. From the superb opening to thew sexy sax, it fits right in a film noir soundtrack. The blending of various elements is seamless and the groove is persistent. Lastly we have Close Your Eyes and Dream, and the title says everything you need to know. It is dreamy, trance-like and spacey, just perfect.

Downbeat and chillout music has gone far, and we can expect a lot more in the future. Also expect to see Plushka among the trailblazers in this genre if this album is any indication.

Favorite Tracks
In Clouds
Night Romance

Track List
1. In Touch 5:15
2. Chill 3:42
3. Utopia 3:00
4. In Clouds 2:31
5. Road Home 3:27
6. Night Romance 3:00
7. Close Your Eyes and Dream 4:30

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