Glu Games has been producing several games featuring celebrities, and Gordon Ramsay Dash is the latest. Given that Ramsay is a famous chef, it is no surprise the game has you managing a restaurant and trying to make an impression on Ramsay. Unlike other games where the only draw is the celebrity, there is some good gameplay here.

Gordon Ramsay is a casual game but there’s real depth to it. You start by choosing an avatar, and a brief tutorial follows where the fundamentals of the game are explained. Once that’s done, customers start coming in to your restaurant and make their orders known via images.

Tap the proper ingredients to prepare their order and serve. The mechanics sound easy and it is: tap a food item to select, tap the grill to cook and when it’s done, tap the customer to serve it. However things become more complicated in the latter stages as you will need to prepare condiments and make dishes that have complex ingredients.

As you progress you will be able to open new restaurants with new dishes that you have to learn to make. You also have to get new equipment to prepare the new ingredients, so make good use of the currency you earn in the game. While things get more challenging, it doesn’t deteriorate into mindless tapping, but you do have to be careful when there are multiple orders.

Gordon Ramsay Dash is fun: juggling those orders while running a restaurant is challenging, but it’s always interesting to see what food they want.

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