Dancing Line is a music rhythm game, and Cheetah Mobile has retained the basic principles n the genre. That is, you start listening to the music and make progress by reacting to the beats. That is what the game is about, but there is so much here, and it is more challenging than the typical music rhythm fare.

The game is easy to learn: just tap to the beat and watch as the environment around you changes. Sounds easy yes, but by level 2 you will notice an increase in difficulty.

Blocks go up or go down, the path clears or it may become narrow. The weather plays a factor too as it affects your visibility. This polygonal environment changes quickly and becomes more dynamic the more you play. Credit should also be given to Cheetah for creating an interesting environment that complements the music.

And speaking of the music, they are catchy and well suited for the game, and the multilayered instruments work nicely with the mechanics and visuals. The secret to a good music rhythm game is is to have the visuals, controls and the music in harmony, and that is what you get here.

Dancing Line graphics are streamlined but it is ideal for the game. Even if you are not familiar with music rhythm titles, the game allows you to work on your tapping skills. As simple as the mechanics are, skills are a necessity to be successful here. And if you fail, just wait for your energy to recharge to give it another shot.

If you like music rhythm games, Dancing Line will be to your liking.

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