MalwareBytes Anti-Malware – destroy bad bytes in a jiffy!

MalwareBytes is a free and easy-to-use anti-malware program which effectively scans your computer and removes malware & other malicious programs. It is also quite fast, as a quick scan only takes around 8 minutes. MalwareBytes can also determine the difference between dangerous applications, as well as false positives. The software has been CNET's Editors' Choice in April 2009 and is available for Windows only at this time.

doubleTwist – sync your iPod, PSP & Blackberry in one free software

doubleTwist is a free alternative to iTunes - but not exclusively to the iPod or the iPhone. It also lets you organize and sync mobile phones, MP3 players, camcorders and cameras. Easily sync your iTunes playlists, videos and photos with BlackBerry, Sony PSP, Nokia N & E Series, Android phones, Windows Mobile Phones and a handful of other devices - all in one, free software. doubleTwist is available for Windows and Mac users at the moment.

Clonezilla – backup and duplicate your hard drive the open-source way

Perhaps one of the most important things that technology has taught us is to save our precious files and make backups. Sure, technology makes it easy for us to store our files. Gone are the days when we need to put all pictures in physical albums - they are all done digitally nowadays. But a simple worm, trojan, virus or some hardware failure can steal those memories away. Don't fret - CloneZilla can save you from such nightmares.

Eraser – erase your digital files without any traces

Simply deleting your digital files does not always mean that they are completely deleted. Deleting your files does not always completely erase them from your hard drive (which explains why most file deletions can be recovered!). If you are that careful person who wants to take extra precautions with your digital files and make sure they are never gone, or you need to ensure your privacy and be certain they are completely deleted, then Eraser has got your back covered.

Krecipes, the KDE Cookbook – get recipes, print out shopping lists and analyze nutrional values

Organizing recipes could be quite a pain at times. Those old recipe books keep getting thicker and thicker, and simply keeping track of all your favorites could be a hassle. Aside from that, there are times that you forget how much of this and that should be bought by the time you reach your supermarket. And then there's your consciousness telling you to see how much calories this particular dish is. Sounds familiar? If this situation is driving you crazy, then let the open-source KRecipes help you with all those things - plus more.

Mumble – talk with your fellow gamers without the lag

Don't you just hate it when you are yelling to your teammates when you are playing via virtual LAN setups - only to find out that your voices and your game sessions are not properly synchronized? Think of lag times killing you so badly that you wish it's easier to just type. Fret no more. Here's Mumble to the rescue. Mumble is an open-source software for chatting while you are gaming. It promises low-latency, but still delivers high-quality voice transmission. Give it a try - you might just escape that next chain lightning from the enemies.

BumpTop – transform your desktop into a real 3D workspace!

Tired of staring at your plain, same old desktop for hours? Or you can't seem to find a perfect way to organize all those icons which cover almost half of your desktop? Or you want to put sticky notes on your desktop but they all look so boring? Here's one solution for you - BumpTop! BumpTop transforms your bland desktop into a real 3D desktop. Pin notes on your desktop's floor or bang them up against the wall - you'd surely love playing with your desktop!