Organizing recipes could be quite a pain at times. Those old recipe books keep getting thicker and thicker, and simply keeping track of all your favorites could be a hassle. In addition, there are times that you forget how much of everything should be bought by the time you reach your supermarket. There’s also your consciousness telling you to see how much calories this particular dish is. Sounds familiar? If this situation is driving you crazy, then let the open-source KRecipes help you with all those things – plus more.

KRecipes feature an easy database management for recipes where you can add, edit and share, create shopping lists and other suggestions for a particular diet (like low-fat or vegetarian,) and helps you calculate calories, nutrients, vitamins and others per recipe.

KRecipes can also help you plan your diet by preparing your menu for as short as one day or as long as a few weeks. Just give KRecipes what your food to contain, limit carbohydrates and calories, and let it search the best one for you. Automatically make a shopping list, print it, then head over to the supermarket – without forgetting any ingredient.

Since it is based on MySQL, the creation of the KRecipe Servers Network should be up and about in the coming versions of the software. Also, because it is based on MySQL, KRecipes requires installation of at least one of the two databases: SQLite or MySQL. The program does not work without database support. When you use MySQL, properly install the Qt’s MySQL plugin, as well.

Krecipes currently works on Linux, but hopefully we would love to see a Windows and Mac version to help us all lose those unwanted weight and still eat delicious dishes.

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