Orbiter is a free space simulator, and it is also one of the most realistic. This isnít one of those space arcade games where you zoom around and shoot aliens. This simulator will show what itís like to really be in space. Created by Martin Schweiger, it employs real life physics. The game takes a while to master, but itís definitely worth it. Orbiter allows you to recreate classic space flights via its addon packages like Vostok, Apollo, Gemini, Mercury and more. it even has the Space Shuttle which can be launched from Kennedy Space Center. You will also see the ISS (International Sapce Station).

Scramble With Friends Free

Scramble With Friends Free is one of the most popular word games for the iOS and Android. The gameplay is addictive, and you can literally spend hours playing with your friends. The game was developed by Zynga, the same company that produced Hanging with Friends and Zynga Poker. The game is easy to learn, but mastering it takes time. The app consists of a board with sixteen Scrabble letter tiles set on a 4x4 grid. Players score by moving their finger along tiles that are adjacent. Your goal is to form words (minimum two letters long). A single game has 3 rounds. You play each board individually. You wonít be able to see your opponentís score until the round ends. As you win rounds, bonus points become available.

Home Design Story

Home Design Story is a simulation game where you design, build and decorate your dream house. This iPhone/iPad game gives you a great deal of control over the design and construction of a house. The brightly colored graphics and smooth flow help make this gem from TeamLava very enjoyable, all while bringing out your creativity. The key in these simulation games is the depth, and Home Design Story doesnít disappoint. A wide array of styles is available ranging from modern to classic to deco. You can add furniture, wallpaper and flooring. You can also create beautiful gardens and patios.

Brain Age Game

The Brain Age Game, as the name infers, finds out your brain age. It also trains your brain in minutes a day and is super fun for all ages. It consists of a variety of tests for memory performance and problem solving using touch and voice function already on your phone to analyze your reflexes, concentration, memory and mathematical abilities.

Stupidness 2

If you're one of those brain geeks who like to take IQ tests or match wits with a computer once in awhile to see who's smarter, then you might want to grab Stupidness 2. This fun IQ game will throw you brain melting questions that'll make you think twice about your own intellect. The game features 35 questions, some of them are quite easy to answer while others will definitely leave you scratching your head. Created by Orangenose Studios, the game offers a PRO version with more questions to the roster, but trust me, this free version is more than enough to make your nose bleed in certain instances.

By the Power of Money

By The Power of Money is not exactly a game, per se, but more of like an economic exercise. This interesting 2D platformer is different but surprisingly fun as well. It's a bit challenging and takes time to get used to. However, ultimately, once you get a handle of the gameplay and the rules, it's quite entertaining. In the game, your goal is to rebuild a stage as you play. You'll need to buy and lay down blocks, each one having its own unique property, but you need to do all this within your budget. The game is not just enjoyable but also tests your budgeting skills. Give it a go.

Full Deck Solitaire

Looking for a challenging yet fun game of Solitaire? Try out this Full Deck Solitaire from GRL Games. Full Deck Solitaire lets you play this classic card game along with some fun new features. Showcasing an easy to use interface and great graphics, you'll definitely enjoy playing Solitaire on your free time. It's also perfect if you simply need a breather from all the work you have. Created by GRL Games, the game is offered as a free download on the Mac App Store. It works great on the iPad, iPhone as well as iTouch so feel free to grab this one.