Art Game

Life is Crime

Here is something for all the action lovers who get enticed with the thought of owning their own Mafia family. Well, we are talking about Life is Crime and this is an Android exclusive. The game is very much like Zynga's Mafia Wars, but this one uses GPS coordinates for awesome realism and action. The game is the only release from the Red Robot Labs, but keeping in mind the execution level given to this title, the future updates/games are something to just anxiously wait for.

Black Lodge (Jak Locke)

Black Lodge is the much talked about videogame homage to the wildly popular Lynchian cult classic, Twin Peaks. If you're a fan of the series, you should be all over this game. It's a beautiful piece that essentially captures the craziness, mystery and magnetic storyline of the original tv show. The game was created by Jak lodge and features all the goodness the original storyline has to offer plus a bit more. With amazing Atari 2600 style, the game is playable for both Mac and PC. It also comes with a manual that the developer encourages you to read first before starting.


MMORPG fans have something to look forward to with Ryzom aka The Saga of Ryzom. This game comes directly from the sci-fi genre and offers a gameplay which some MMORPG out there can just dream off. It was originally Developed by Nevrx, but currently the games Developer and Publisher is Winch Gate Property, Ltd. Gameplay is far from easy, and offers a host of features that impacts the entire gameplay in the long run. Graphics are at its best with highly-detailed environments, characters, nemesis, and the likes.

Ruins (Cardboard Computers)

One of the more interesting games of late, Ruins, is a beautiful puzzle platformer involving dogs, rabbits and gorgeous shadowy landscapes. The game was created by Cardboard Computers, the same people responsible for that equally intriguing point & click about repairing balloons, Balloon Diaspora. They've been around for some time and have released quite a handful of titles under their name. Specializing in short art games, the company is well-known for its beautiful graphics and quirky themes. Ruins is no exception to this. With a stunning game setting and an unconventional gameplay, it's definitely worth your time.

Keys of a Gamespace

Keys of a Gamespace might seem like an odd title for a video game but it's actually very appropriate for this one. Developed by a group of people from the University of Metz in France, the game explores a new take on gaming by using it as a tool for gaining understanding by putting you in someone else's shoes. The game sees you in the footsteps of a man trying to make sense of his past. Your job is to help him put together his memories by solving puzzles in each level. Each step gets you closer to unraveling what he has kept hidden in his subconsious. It's an intriguing game that's equipped with a unique storyline and an interesting gameplay.

Life Fortress Volcabamba

Life Fortress Volcabamba is an interesting game that you might want to look into. Apart from the tongue twister title, the game offers a cool gameplay and a fun classic style. Created using a popular Japanese programming language called, Hot Soup Processor (HSP,) it showcases a classic feel similar to the MSX games back in the day. The shooter game features six levels that will give you quite a challenge. Hence, if you have a good amount of spare time and willing to take on a semi-hardcore Japanese game, then this is one to check out.


Do you judge the quality of a game by how short it takes to play them? If you do, then you might want to steer clear from Rebirth. For those who are a little more open minded though, here's the story. The game offers only five minutes worth of game time. However, in these five minutes you'll be taken for a ride into a world where the unreal, bizarre and unnerving is the staple. Masterminded by Daniel D. Guertin, the game echoes with disturbing imagery, odd plotlines and surreal landscapes that you might want to play with the lights on for a bit. If you are looking for something different and maybe ready to waste five minutes or so of your time, then go ahead and give this game a download. It'll be five minutes well spent.


Looking for a cool and child friendly game that you or your little one can enjoy? Try downloading Trace. Programmed and designed by Kevin Calderone, the game features more than 6 unique worlds and about 120 levels. Plus, it has an awesome original soundtrack. The game was released in the App Store about two years ago and is still available for free download. Trace is perfect for children ages 4-9 years old but this doesn't mean adults who are kids-at-heart can't go ahead and enjoy this cool game. Enjoy this drawing game by creating platforms and solve the entire level. Revisit the little child inside you and have fun!

Paper Dreams

Incessantly compared to Ad Nauseum 2, Paper Dreams is an entertaining handrawn shooter from Zack Banack. The game features three difficulty levels, but even the "Easy" option will test out even the most patient gamers. This shooter was created for the GameJolt Weekend Jam and was done in basically two days. Despite the short creation period, the game is insanely difficult to even finish. According to the developer's site, the game is ported to flash by Kristian Macanga. If you're up for a good challenge, then you might want to give this one a go and see if you can even finish one level.